So sad to say that I am having to cancel Soulful Alchemy.

Maybe I’ll try another time, a better time. Maybe. But right now I feel nothing but anxiety over having to promote it, the lack of interest, editing the last two weeks worth of videos (and there are a lot of videos).  It all was starting to make me physically ill.

I am deeply sorry to those few of you, who were genuinely interested.  I appreciate your kindness and support.

In a perfect world, I could just paint and not have to worry about making money, editing videos or self promotion.

Thank you for your understanding.


You’re reading Cancelled by Regina Lord, which was stolen from it’s original website. This content was originally posted first on Creative Kismet. All images and content © 2016 Regina Lord of Creative Kismet. If you’ve enjoyed this post and would like to support the real artist and writer of this post (not the content scapper), then follow Regina on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!!


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