Soulful Alchemy E-course Giveaway



Join me for 5 weeks of glorious art making!  These weeks will be filled with my latest take on portrait painting using acrylic paints as the base for soft, luscious skin tones and then adding pencil and other mediums to add depth and detail. We will also be dipping into herbal tea making and other concoctions as well as a few crafty projects with clay and other fun materials.



I have been working on this for months!  I am so excited to finally have it ready to share with you. It has been filled with all the art, love and magic that I could muster. You can learn more about the course lessons, supplies and see samples of the painting involved by clicking the button below.


Of course, I can’t do an e-course without giving away a few spots.  I am offering chances to win on Facebook and Instagram as well.  Hop on over for extra chances to win.

Good Luck,


Soulful Alchemy E-course Giveaway

You’re reading Soulful Alchemy E-course Giveaway by Regina Lord, which was stolen from it’s original website. This content was originally posted first on Creative Kismet. All images and content © 2016 Regina Lord of Creative Kismet. If you’ve enjoyed this post and would like to support the real artist and writer of this post (not the content scapper), then follow Regina on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!!


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