Chalkola – Chalk Board Markers w/ discount code

Chalk Board Art - ChalkOla Markers - Art by Regina Lord

The very kind folks from ChalkOla sent me these free chalk board markers to try out and review. I have two doors in my home painted with black chalk board paint, so of course I jumped at the chance to check these markers out. The image above is on my kitchen pantry door.

ChalkOla chalk markers, window markers, chalk pens, neon colors

First, I love the neon colors! Second, the two different style markers make writing and drawing super fun. They come in 6mm and 15mm. The 15mm markers are my favorite because you can make both bold and thin lines and fill in larger areas quickly. I used the 15mm markers, almost entirely on the Tea drawing above – using the smaller markers to add highlights and small details lines.

Here is my other door, decorated with lovely words by the Beatles for Valentine’s day.

Chalk board art by Regina Lord. Words from The Beatles. Made with ChalkOla Chalk Markers

A few things to know about these markers:

1) The Markers are used on Non Porous Surface only (So its best to test a small area). They work great on windows, chalkboards, whiteboards, glass, labels, etc.

2) Chalk markers, as a medium, have high density Chalk Ink. New markers take 2 to 3 mins prep time – Once used the ink flows smoothly.

3) They are perfect for kids, parents, teachers, crafters and artists.

4) Wipes off easily with wet cloth (don’t forget to test your surface first!).

ChalkOla - Chalk markers and labels

I also got to try out the chalk board labels, which are removable self-adhesive. I made labels for my jars of nuts. Now they look so nicely organized in my pantry.

ChalkOla Chalk Board labels

Please enjoy 20% off the 15mm markers:

15mm Markers– [Link] 20% Off on Amazon – Use Code -> CHK20OFF

6mm Pens – [Link]

Amazon UK Link – [Link] 20% Off on Amazon – Use Code -> CHALK20A


***Although these items were free for review, the Amazon links are not affiliate links.

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