10 Winners!


Here are the winners for my week of giveaways.  10 winners for 10 years. Thank you to all who entered!


  1. Carmen Whitehead – Expressions
  2. Suleika Malcolm – Expressions
  3. Cyndi Andrews – BBB
  4. Fran – BBB
  5. Christy – Art of Giving

Book – The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

  1. Woolies

Gift Credit

  1. Kimberly Kalil
  2. Laura DP
  3. Robin
  4. iHanna

I have a few paintings I need to finish by tomorrow, so as soon as I do, I will email all the winners with more info pertaining to the prizes.

Tomorrow, one more giveaway having nothing to do with my 10 years, but pretty awesome none the less!

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