Creative Kismet turns 10!

Creative Kismet Celebrates 10 years

Creative Kismet turns 10 years old this week! Isn’t that crazy!!  I never thought, ten years ago, that blogging would become such a big part of my life. It has become a sort of life journal for me, capturing so many wonderful memories of my life as a mother, crafter and artist.

Even more, it opened a whole new creative world for me. I was creative as a child, but during college and the early years of my nursing career that part of me had become dormant. Blogging awoken that spark in me with so much passion and excitement and it has been burning bright and strong for the last ten years.  What started out as a hobby, has now become my way of life.


To celebrate, I have a big week planned with little gifts and giveaways.  Today’s gift is a free coloring page download. Just click on the image to download, print and color.  If you color it in, please share it with me. I would LOVE to see it.

Thank you always and forever for being a part of my creative journey.  Your support and kindness over the years means the world to me.

xoxox, Regina

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