New Watercolor Pigments

Art by Regina Lord

I like to pull out my watercolor paints every once and a while to play in my art journal.  I did a lot of watercolor and pencil illustrations before I discovered acrylic paints. I had been using Windsor Newton watercolors and just thought that all watercolors needing building up with more layers to make them bright and vibrant. Or maybe, I didn’t have the right colors or brand. But, I never felt compelled to try any other paints.

Until recently, I had this crazy urge to get better paints, feeling a little unhappy with the dullness of my colors.  I read a few reviews on this brand, Dr.PhMartin’s Hydrus, and decided to give them a try. They are a bit expensive, almost $50 for a 12 color set (0.5 oz each), which is actually a little over $4 each. So, really not that bad, considering that they should last a really long time. I spend a lot more of some of my acrylic paint colors.

Boy! Am I ever blown away by these watercolor pigments. They are so fabulously bright and vibrant and just plain gorgeous! Full on color, exactly the way I like it.

Watercolor art by Regina Lord

I’ve had so much playing with all of the luscious colors and can’t wait to play more.


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