BBB e-course has ended

Look Towards the Sun

11×14 Arylic on hardboard panel

I have been such a bad blogger. :(  I want to post more, I really do. So, I am going to make a bigger effort. I promise!

My Birds, Blooms & Butterflies E-course ended on Sunday and life has returned to normal.  I love making the videos and could do that all day & night, but the editing….. eeesh! And my kids are happy that no longer have to try to be quiet. Poor guys. Note to self: do future e-courses while they are in school, not during summer break. (duh!)

I did have a lot of fun making my journal and playing in it almost everyday. Even better is seeing all the beautiful student work.  That is the best.

Above are just a few of the fun lessons we did. The “live” version of the course is over, but the class is still open for self-pace. If you are interested in joining in the fun, go here, and use coupon code BLOOMER for $15 off the regular price.


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